FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge


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FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge

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Product Description

Same great item with two 2.65" edges for twice as much fur removal.


  • Quickly and easily grabs and removes loose and undercoat hair
  • Uniquely designed stainless steel 2.65-inch blades
  • Reduces shedding up to 90 percent
  • Works with both cats and dogs
  • Removes fur twice as fast

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1 Cat lady April 12, 2010 at 11:46 pm


My Persian hated the single blade Furminator; the double blade version she

almost welcomes in comparison. I loaned my new double blade Furminator to my

feline veterinarian to see first hand the difference especially for long

hair cats (the single blade tends to pull too much with long hair cats,

especially soft coated Persians). The cat clinic will now be ordering

double blade Furminators for their clients to use on their long hair cats.

As I will no longer be using the single blade version on my cats I have

donated the single blade Furminator to my favorite animal rescue sanctuary for

their rescue cats (volunteering weekly I know the cats need the best

grooming tool available).

2 Eris April 16, 2010 at 7:42 am


I got this when it was $24.37 not $49.99. At that price I’d recommend going with the single edge Furminator. The product works great, but the two edges really don’t remove twice the hair because I can see that most of the hair is removed by only one of the edges. But that one edge is fantastic. My medium haired cat sheds constantly. I couldn’t stroke the cat without clouds of hair flying off. The house looked liked some evil fairy had come through it and sprinkled cat hair on everything. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I decided to try this. Based on the reviews I read of the single edged Furminator I knew a lot of cats did not like this tool and my cat already didn’t like being groomed — Grooming sessions required restraining the cat and giving him a toy mouse to chew otherwise he’d chew on me. So I fully expected he’d hate the Furminator. To my great surprise he LIKED it. No restraining necessary. He particularly enjoys having his cheeks and chin stroked with it. Some days he’ll even roll over for me to do his belly. On other days he’ll get tired of it before I’m finished. But even then he doesn’t try to attack my hand anymore; I no longer need the toy mouse for the grooming sessions. As the other reviews indicate it removes the hair. After I’ve used the Furminator it’s possible to pet the cat without all that loose hair flying off. In fact, that’s how I know it’s time to groom him again — when the hair starts flying. It has also reduced the hairball problem. My cat (who’s on the large side: 36 inches from nose to tail and almost 14 pounds) would get these massive 6 inch hair balls every month or so and I could hear the poor thing trying to cough it up for a week or two before it would finally come up. Since I started using the Furminator the cat hasn’t gotten a hairball. Though I’m sure he’ll eventually get a hairball removing all that loose hair is causing it to form more slowly. So I highly recommend the Furminator. I can’t say if your pet is going to like the Furminator, but if it does count yourself as among the fortunate ones.

3 B. Loiacono April 18, 2010 at 9:32 am


I have a Ragdoll cat with medium to long hair and even with frequent grooming he still shed quite a bit. After reading the reviews on the single edge tool I thought the double edge would be twice as good. This ia a well made professional product not a piece of plastic junk. I could not believe the amount of hair that came off…could have filled a throw pillow. If you’re undecided, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

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